Productivity is not measured by the Number of Hours you have worked in Office! 💫 #Unapologetic

Hey everyone, Greetings from Space Between Breaks on this New Year which has begun a while back & this is the very first blog for the Year 2019!!! I would have written this a bit earlier but as they say, any work you do should have your 100% in it, coz then only it showcases... Continue Reading →


Depression is for Brave Hearts; Not for Losers…Ouch!!! Handle with Care! Just in context with the above article, which has managed me to be finally here & talk about the much hue & cry for this last month of the year... Depression... Which is spreading like a forest fire amongst masses rapidly. We cannot just say No to this. Before you all jump to a... Continue Reading →

I want to be. #BeComplete <3

Hello, everyone!!! Hope you all are fine & happier than before. I am here to write something very new in my life. But before you guys read on, let me quickly say Thankyou to each & every person in my life who has taken tremendous efforts in making my Dad's Birthday the most cherishable... Thanks... Continue Reading →

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